Students who graduate with this degree will be equipped to:

  • give evidence of suitable character with respect to ministry

  • give evidence of ministry passion, gifting, calling and relational skills

  • demonstrate realistic understanding of the personal and professional life of a pastor

  • acquire evident personal knowledge and skills of leadership

  • demonstrate a strong grounding in general Bible knowledge and in the historic and cultural backgrounds of the Bible

  • demonstrate skills in the interpretation, application, and communication of biblical truth

  • articulate and support a personal understanding and application of Christian doctrine

  • demonstrate a personal commitment to evangelism

62 credits (2 YEARS)

This diploma builds on the knowledge and skills developed in the first year program, allowing the student to spend some time exploring a choice of ministries. 


Students will, with the help of a mentor, and in community with other learners:

  • Grow in understanding and application of scripture to life.

  • Learn the principles and skills of life-long personal spiritual formation and growth.

  • Advance in perception and use of natural ability and spirtual gifts and their relationship to one's spiritual and vocational call from God and ministry in a local congregation.

  • experience, and learn from real ministry opportunities

30 credits (1 YEAR)

This program provides students with: an overview of the Bible and it's core teachings; an understanding of how a Christ follower thinks and acts; a clear perspective on what God is doing in the world and how they can be part of that; and opportunities to use their skills to connect in deeper ways with God.


Students will, with the help of a mentor, and in community with other learners:

  • understand their own call to ministry, and God`s limitless creativity in calling and giftedness

  • discover and build a personal spiritual life, and build an intimate relationship with God

  • experience, and learn through, real ministry opportunities

  • develop a Christian view of God’s Word, His Kingdom, the Christian faith, and the world around us

  • discover their identity in Christ, and develop a healthy self–awareness

  • gain an understanding of issues and subjects which the student wants to explore.



This three year degree program is intended for individuals 25 years of age or older who have a career and sense God's call to Christian ministry, or who wish to establish a foundation of Bible and theology on which to build a lay ministry. This degree permits students to choose from a range of study options to suit their own needs. 


Students will:

  • demonstrate an overall knowledge of the Bible and its background

  • articulate and support one's personal understanding of foundational Biblical doctrines

  • demonstrate commitment to communicating the gospel of Christ through personal discipleship and sharing their faith

  • possess a wholesome personal view of self and the world

  • understand the sense of vocational call and direction from God for a life of professional ministry in congregational and parachurch settings.


Career Path Options

Depending upon a person's maturity and life/ministry experience, graduates with this degree may be prepared for full time pastoral ministry or work with a parachurch organization.


Future Education Possibilities

This degree may also lead to admission into various seminaries in Canada and the U.S. 


Yes, we might offer the "traditional" certificates and degrees, but don't let that fool you into thinking we're your typical Bible College. 


Our model is simple, but the journey is profound.  When you take what you learn in class, or online, and immediately integrate that learning into life and ministry with the help of a mentor, and in community with your colleagues, life change happens.  Deep character forms.  Your spiritual connection with God awakens.  Ministry is empowered.


So, take a look at what we offer, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's all about the books.  It won't be; we'll make sure of it.  


Know.  Be.  DO College Differently.

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